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Directory of European Resources

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About the EUROCRAN project:
Includes information about the EUROCRAN work packages, project members, administrative support team. Latest EUROCRAN newsletters available here and photographs of recent EUROCRAN meetings.


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Patient/Parent Support Groups:
Includes listing of patient support groups within Europe. Searchable by country.
  Non-Governmental Organisations / Surgical Missions:
Information about surgical missions and non-governmental support organisations which organise them.
  Funding Agencies
Listing of European and international funding agencies
  Example grant applications
Examples of grant applications and proposals for CFA research projects which have been successful are available here and can be used to help with preparation of your own research proposals.

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EUROCLEFT Clinical Network:
A project summary (1996-2000) and project overview, details of all clinical teams registered with the Eurocleft Clinical Network, consensus recommendations and reported data, representatives and how to register with the Eurocleft Clinical Network. Eurocleft newsletter available here.

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World Health Organisation (WHO):
Link to the WHO website on Craniofacial Anomalies. Includes links to the International Collaboration on Craniofacial Anomalies, WHO Directory of Resources, International Database on Craniofacial Anomalies.
  Listing of CFA genetic labs and researchers: (currently under construction)

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Subset of European Birth Defects Epidemiology:
Data categorising geographic areas according to birth prevalence of cleft palate (CP) and cleft lip and palate (CL/P). Colour coded maps are accessible here which indicate high to low birth prevalence.
  Free Access to Online Journals
Includes links to online journals offering free access and information resources related to cleft lip and palate.
  Useful Links:
Includes links to organisations for health care professionals, the Cochrane Collaboration, Journals, speech-related, and further Distraction Osteogenesis links.

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