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Directory of European Resources > Eurocleft Clinical Network > Registered Clinical Teams > Italy > Bologna (Ospedale Bellaria C.A. Pizzardi)

Bologna (Ospedale Bellaria C.A. Pizzardi)

Principal contact

Dr R Giuliani


Divisione di Chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale e Plastica
Via Altura 3
I-40139 Bologna

Telephone: +39-051-622-5192/5193

Fax: +39-051-622-5170


Annual case load: 20

Team members

Surgery: Giuliani (plastic), Galassi (neuro), Galliani (maxillofacial)
Speech therapy: Mignardi
Auxology and Pediatric:Mazzanti, Bergamaschi

Basic surgical protocol (for unilateral cleft lip and palate)

Birth-5 months: Hotz plate routinely
6 months: lip closure (Millard, Millard-Dellaire, Tennison) and primary rhinoplasty
12-18 months: hard and soft palate closure (vomer flap and modified von Langenbeck)
9 years: anterior palate closure with mucoperiosteal flap and alveolar bone
grafting (chin)

Research activity

Willingness to participate in intercentre studies?: Yes

Willingness to participate in randomised control trials?: Yes

Research projects

1) study of nose appearance
2) distraction osteogenesis in cleft lip and palate
3) dental implants in alveolar bone grafting

Craniofacial Care

number of new patients per year with craniofacial anomalies


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